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>Cygwin Permissions Under Vista

>Was somewhat surprised to discover that although my account is an administrative account, I can’t edit system files from within cygwin by default. To change this right click on your Cygwin shortcut, go to the Shortcut tab, click on Advanced and select “Run as administrator”. This is not just limited to Cygwin apps by the way – you’ll get the same glorious issue if you try and edit hosts using Notepad.

>Cygwin / Emacs / Problems


If you are trying to get emacs working ‘nicely’ on Windows and you’ve gone the cygwin route and are now having messages like

apply: Doing vfork: resource temporarily unavailable

Try reading http://pseudocode.cc/2008/03/17/fixing-emacs-m-x-shell-or-m-x-compile-for-cygwin-on-vista/

Worked for me. Thanks pseudocode.cc !!