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>Kani Miso

>Kani Miso. Kani=Crab and Miso=brain. But actually these are not crab brains. I often wondered how the hell you managed to get so much brain from a little crab. The answer is, of course, you can’t. Apparently (and not surprisingly) crab brains are quite small. Kani Miso appears to be anything within a crab which is not good wholesome white crab meat. That apart, I love the stuff. I can consume vast quantities of that dark, deep sea tasting, mush and often do, given the opportunity. I gained the nick name kani-miso in my old band here because of my passion for it.

Had an odd experience the other day though. Had lobster-miso which I’ve never seen before (even Akemi couldn’t remember seeing it before). It’s similar to kani-miso but has a less full taste. As a lot of people find kani-miso a little powerful this might be a thing to look for if you’re after something a little more delicate.

There’s one other good thing about kani-miso (well, it has a positive aspect). You can buy it in cans which means my mother in law will sometimes ship some back to me. Kani-misi and a pint of english beer. Heaven.

>Bento Box

>I have a long list of items I like to complain about regarding England. One of my favourite is food. I don’t subscribe to the common misconception that there’s nothing worth eating in England – there is. But generally you have to make it yourself or pay a lot of money. There’s a chain of sandwich shops the North West called Philpotts and they do wonderful sandwiches and you pay for that. Where we currently work there’s one place that does sandwiches. Their idea of variety is brown or white. Anyway – back to Japan where I am currently sitting.
Left is a standard bento box picked up from the local convenience store. This is actually one of my favorites as I’m such a greedy guy. My in-laws here view these are being frankly low cost rubbish but they’ve never tried getting a cheap lunch in the UK. Within the box you get (deep breath and in no order)
Fish, Potato Croquet, Hamburger, Rice, Seaweed, Chicken, Sausage, Potato Salad
Chikuwa, Potato Salad, Pickle and Spaghetti. You’ll also get it heated up if you want but I eat mine cold. There’s a huge amount (I only ate about 2/3 of it) and it tastes great. The cost of this is 460 Yen. At todays exchange rates that’s £2.23.

Still, try getting a decent cheese sarnie here.