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>Kani Miso

>Kani Miso. Kani=Crab and Miso=brain. But actually these are not crab brains. I often wondered how the hell you managed to get so much brain from a little crab. The answer is, of course, you can’t. Apparently (and not surprisingly) crab brains are quite small. Kani Miso appears to be anything within a crab which is not good wholesome white crab meat. That apart, I love the stuff. I can consume vast quantities of that dark, deep sea tasting, mush and often do, given the opportunity. I gained the nick name kani-miso in my old band here because of my passion for it.

Had an odd experience the other day though. Had lobster-miso which I’ve never seen before (even Akemi couldn’t remember seeing it before). It’s similar to kani-miso but has a less full taste. As a lot of people find kani-miso a little powerful this might be a thing to look for if you’re after something a little more delicate.

There’s one other good thing about kani-miso (well, it has a positive aspect). You can buy it in cans which means my mother in law will sometimes ship some back to me. Kani-misi and a pint of english beer. Heaven.