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Why is it so hard to print? I have a bog standard HP Photosmart C4180 here running on an XP machine. It is shared as a windows printer.

  • Jaunty works 95% of the time. Sometimes it just stops and wants a restart before coming back to life.
  • Windows 7. Works about 50% of the time. Sometimes just nothing happens. The Windows 7 machine will sometimes think everything is fine but nothing appears on the XP machine. Sometimes it will just hang. Sometimes it will print. Usually a reboot will help.
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Had to resort to the CUPS interface (http://localhost:631) just to get it to see the printer. Now seems to be working. Seems to be.
  • Son’s XP machine. Prints around 70% of the time. Same symptoms as the Windows 7 machine when it doesn’t print.

If you want to blame the XP machine, last week it was being driven off a Samba machine instead with the same issues. Everywhere I go I have the same experience. Just walking into our office and hitting the print button and having something print out feels like an extraordinary experience. I have no idea how it feels if you manage it two days in a row.

>8 Things We Hate About IT

>I just read this and noticed one of the comments at the end of it.

Did you write the first draft of this article in crayon? The only point made here that even approaches a fundamental understanding with the current reality of actual IT experience is the fact that 75% of the guys are approaching 40 years of age and haven’t the slightest bit of motivation to learn new things.

I find the idea that as you approach 40 you lose motivation to learn new things to be boggling. My big problem at the moment is my motivation to learn new things is stronger than ever but the time I have to sit and focus on such things is pretty minimal.

I head back to the UK tomorrow morning and of the books I brought here to read I’ve managed to complete about 0.25% (if I’m feeling generous).